68th Annual Installation Banquet

2013 Civil Officers: President—Tony Kapusta, Vice President—Darlene Wilson, Secretary—Michelle Kapusta, Treasurer—Sherle Slingerland, Financial Secretary—Sue Stratta, Membership Secretary—Michele Sadowski, Director—Sherle Slingerland, Sergeant at Arms—Herb Williams, Chaplain—Pastor Paul Meador

2013 Auxiliary Officers: President—Maryann Dennis. Vice President—Sarah Dennis, Secretary—Sue Stratta, Treasurer—Donna Wickham, Seargent at Arms—Adele Thayer

2013 Fire Line Officers: Chief—Bill Kapusta, 1st Assistant Chief—Bill Sadowski, 1st Assistant Chief—Matt Mortefolio, 1st Captain—Sam Slingerland, 2nd Captain—Robert Beebe, 1st Lieutenant—Dave Court, 2nd Lieutenant—Jody Burrows, EMS Captain—Davin Kryzkowski, EMS Lieutenant—Sherle Slingerland, Fire Police Captain—Jim Reyes, Fire Police Lieutenant—Jack Dennis


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